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If you are facing a criminal charge in Stafford, Virginia you need an experienced Stafford, Virginia criminal defense lawyer to defend you. You can hope that the court appoints an aggressive lawyer to defend you or you can hire a SRIS, P.C. Stafford, Virginia criminal defense lawyer.

Look at what other clients have said about us, before you make a choice as to who is going to defend you. Our Stafford, Virginia criminal defense lawyers are experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Very often, criminal cases in Stafford, Virginia have flaws or weaknesses that the prosecution does not want you to know. These flaws in a criminal case will allow an experienced SRIS Law Group, P.C. criminal defense lawyer in Stafford, Virginia to exploit those weaknesses and either have the criminal offense lowered to a lesser criminal charge or have the case dismissed or win an acquittal for you at trial. The SRIS Law Group, P.C. criminal defense attorneys in Stafford, Virginia are very skilled at negotiating pleas as well. Our Stafford, Virginia criminal defense lawyers will plea bargain on your behalf to obtain the best result possible even if the prosecution’s case is pretty solid. This plea bargaining will result in you receiving either a lesser punishment for the criminal offense that is charged, a lesser criminal charge or in some instances a dismissal of the criminal charge in lieu of community service.

The SRIS Law Group, P.C. is an aggressive Stafford, Virginia criminal defense firm.

Remember there is no substitute for the benefit you will get from receiving the advice of a Stafford, Virginia criminal lawyer who is familiar with the criminal statutes, criminal procedure and criminal court system in Stafford & the surrounding counties. You can call us toll free at 888-437-SRIS (7747) to discuss your case with a SRIS, P.C. criminal lawyer in Stafford, Virginia.

Stafford, Virginia Juvenile Criminal Defense

What are the main types of juvenile criminal cases defended by the SRIS Law Group, P.C. in Stafford, Virginia?

Delinquent – A child who is alleged to be a juvenile delinquent is a child who is accused of an act which would be a crime if committed by an adult.
Traffic violations – Cases involving juveniles accused of traffic violations such as reckless driving ticket, racing, driving without a license, speeding tickets, etc.

These types of cases originate in the Stafford, Virginia Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court.

Clients frequently ask us, what happens in the Stafford, Virginia Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court if my son or daughter is charged with a criminal or traffic offense?

Any person who is under the age of eighteen (18) and is alleged to have committed an act that would be a crime in Virginia if done by an adult will have his/her case originate in the juvenile and domestic relations district court as a delinquent act by a juvenile.  The juvenile in Virginia will be notified to appear before a judge for an advisement where the criminal charges will be explained. The law requires that one or both of the juvenile’s parents or legal guardian be present during all proceedings, or an attorney must be appointed for the minor to ensure that the child’s right are being protected.

If the juvenile is over the age of 14 and the delinquent act by the juvenile is serious enough, the Virginia prosecuting attorney may ask the juvenile court judge to transfer the case to circuit court where the juvenile will be prosecuted as an adult. This is called certifying the juvenile as an adult.

All minors in Virginia who are accused of a crime or delinquent act are entitled to an attorney. Even a juvenile has the right to a lawyer. The court may appoint a lawyer to represent the juvenile if the juvenile’s family cannot afford a lawyer.

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