What Class Felony is Embezzlement in Virginia


Embezzlement in Virginia happens when people wrongfully or unlawfully take property or money that was entrusted to them. A Virginia embezzlement charge usually occurs from property or money taken in the way of employment. However, money, individual property Virginia embezzlement charge, and even data of the computer can be the case of a charge of Virginia embezzlement.

Although under the code section of §18.2-111 in Virginia embezzlement charge, can yet be a class of misdemeanor or a felony as well, it is all depending on the property value which is embezzled or even the position of the offender’s previous theft or embezzlement punishments.

Therefore, property valued which is all less than $200 is classified as a misdemeanor and obviously is going to be treated under the code section of §18.2-96, as a case of petty larceny.

Same as this, when property valued more than $200, is going to be punished and treated under the code section of 18.2-95, as a case of grand theft, which is classified as a felony.

However, the third type of offense embezzlement or larceny punishment is always considered as a class felony, despite the price of the property or money which is embezzled.

class felony is embezzlement

It is simple as that when a person has been charged with the embezzled, then, according to his previous larceny charges, he/she may punish ahead. A Virginia embezzlement charge will punish you in the same way as the charges of larceny did.

However, the chances are, if the value of the embezzled goods is not more than $200, then the crime may charge as a misdemeanor. Though, if the value is higher than $200, then it is considered as a felony. But the question is which type of class felony is considered? Well, under the code section of §18.2-96, if it is the first offense which has been done by the offender that he/she may go through up to 12 months imprison with a fine of $2,500.

Also, if this is the second offense embezzlement by the offender, he/she may go through imprisonment for up to 30days or more than that with a fine of $2,500.

Even though, if this is the third offense embezzlement by the offender, then it is considered as a class 2 felony, and the person may go through 5 years imprison with a fine of $2,500.

However, if the person is charged with the offense embezzlement in Virginia, where the value of the goods is more than $200, than the person may go through 20 years imprisoned with a fine of up to $2,500, under the code section of §18.2-95.


If you are the person who has been charged with such allegations, then immediately get a contract with the defense lawyer of offense embezzlement, as because, with the help of lawyers, you can easily solve out your case.

If you didn’t do that, then probably the chances would be, you may go through severe penalties of the crime. As this offense is a serious crime in Virginia.

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